Woods, ponds, marshes

Crécy Forest: main forest of Somme: 400 ha, 20 remarkable trees, 47 Kms of bridleways, 8 routes, this beautiful forest is lined with pretty villages such Forest l’Abbaye Machy, Machiel, Caumartin, Regnière-Ecluse and Marcheville..

Forêt d’Eu one of the great forests of Seine-Maritime (9,300 ha), hilly, wild, multifaceted, it overlooks the beautiful valley of the Bresle and take you to the charming valley Yères.

The ponds of Mareuil-Caubert : 2 hours ride on the ‘barchette’ (boat in Picard) to be lulled over the water and discover the flora and fauna of the old bogs.

Parc of Bouvaque – Abbeville :  A 60 acres municipal park  in which you can find a wide variety of flaura and fauna including resident and migratory birds. Do not forget to discover the blue springs.

Somme meandering towards the bay gives birth to hundreds of ponds, paradise for fishing. Take a bike or walk the old towpath and enjoy the serenity.

Experience the bocage landscapes in Bresle and Yères valleys, on the boundary of Normandy. Discover sites dedicated to glassware. This is the first area of production of perfume bottles in the world

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