Cathedral of Amiens listed as World Heritage by UNESCO, this is a magnificent example of Gothic art. Do not miss the  facade illuminated by a projection of digital images (in summer and in December in the dark).

The floating gardens of Amiens:  By boat, discover 300 acres of market gardens 

Samara (Somme in Latin) : a archeosite which traces, through exhibits, the evolution of mankind and his environment for 600,000 years in the Somme Valley.

Caves of Naours: amazing underground city carved by the man which served as a refuge during the wars. They contain more than 300 rooms. This is the largest “muches” of Picardy.

The village of Long: the hydropower plant, a beautiful brick building built in the late nineteenth century, the castle “La Folie Buissy” (XVIII) in a 20 acres park, gardens, greenhouses and laundry classified, orangery …, ponds, a maze of parts water.

Battlefields of the Somme and the Museum of Peronne, to remember that the Somme was deeply marked by the First World War.

The Chinese Cemetery Nolette – Noyelles Sea where the bodies of 849 Chinese, who were led by the British in 1917 to work on the military infrastructure reconstruction, rest.

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