Castles, gardens and abbeys

Le château de Rambures :  a beautiful castle, a jewel of military architecture of the fifteenth century, a romantic 15-acre park and a beautiful rose garden with 510 varieties, herb garden and a collection of ferns century while roundness

Garden and abbey of Valloires : here flourish more than 5000 kinds of plants and shrubs. This vegetal decoration is the work of Gilles Clément, a landscape architect. In the background, you can observe the cistercian abbey.

The abbey of Saint-Riquier: a wonderful example of gothic style. The abbaye houses a museum which combines permanent exhibition, on tradition life in Picardy, and temproray ones. Do no miss the  annual festival of classical music. 

The church of Saint Vulfran (1488) – Abbeville : impressive façade, beautiful altars in chapels and modern stain glass made by William Einstein.

The church of Saint-Sépulcre – Abbeville: A must ! The 31 stain glass made by Alfred Manessier are extraordinary beautiful.

The Bagatelle Castle – Abbeville: A family home nestled in a vegetal decoration(10 acres).Bagatelle offers an impressive collection of painted woodwork, furniture and decorations of the eighteenth century

The castle of Eu composed of a courtyard, a museum and a garden housing wide collection of paintings, graphics, scluptures, furniture, Brazil items.

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