Crossing the Somme : with a guide, depending on tides, discover a remarkable and fragile environment all over the year.


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The steam train of the Baie de Somme: another way to discover meadows and marshes between  Crotoy and Cayeux.


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Pointe du Hourdel: At low tide, remote observation of gray seals and sea-calves, do not forget your binoculars

The house of the Somme and the bird: a stop to understand the bay, its traditional crafts, fauna, flora and precarious balance.

Visit Marquenterre Park: 3 hikes of varying length to admire thousands of migratory birds calling between Scandinavia and Mauritania.

Boat, sea kayak or canoe : The spectacle of the Somme, which is one of the most beautiful bays in the world in total immersion in nature, with birds and seals …


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Sand yachting: for lovers of wide open spaces and sensations. After initiation of a ½ hour, discover 25 km of unspoilt beach between Quend and Fort-Mahon.


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Horseback ride: for all riders, the Henson (specific breed of the Somme) can penetrate preserved landscapes in the Bay, dunes and marshes. Many equestrian centers available.

Cycling:  many cycle paths marked. By mountain bike or road bike, experience a way to be surrounded by nature, discovering small villages and hamlets in the region as well as large areas of the sea

Golf: Abbeville, Nampont Saint Martin Belle Dune offer three 18 hole golf courses for the pleasure of practicing this sport.


But also ….. foot fishing with children and sea fishing (boat trip with provision of equipment), the Tree climbing, swimming-pool (Belle Dune, Abbeville, Friville), windsurfing and kite Surfing, many rederies (secondhand)

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